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We are a free platform to connect those who are unemployed due to Coronavirus with immediate employment resources and opportunities.

What is ILMJTCV?

We give you the tools to get back on the job.


to 20,000+ jobs tailored to you.


unemployment trends on a global map.


a community with others like you.

We created an employment ecosystem guided by values we pride ourselves on.


Find Employment.

Monitor your job prospects & actively engage with recruiters.


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Prioritize your preferences & search thousands of local jobs.


Build community.

Build your profile and network with others in your area.


Pay nothing.

Our service is free and provides stability during these times.

We partner with top recruiters to land you jobs that fit your preferences.

We put your needs first to create the employment search experience you want.

Jobless Claims as of 6/25/20

Diverse talent awaits.

A Message From Our Founders

"The biggest battle after our health is our future. We are here for you."

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